Against The Rain in Coban Rondo Waterfall, Malang

by - Kamis, Maret 06, 2014

I guess, Indonesia has so many myths regarding their each nature object. Like this one, unmarried couple shouldn't visit this waterfall together otherwise they'll separated, break up and might not get back together. But a myth just a myth. My old brother told me that he used to visit here with his girlfriend, yes, they ended having an on-off relationship, but hey, his girlfriend now is being my sister-in-law. They married now, regardless how many countless times they had visited this waterfall together. Well, believe or not, I kept my safe by coming there only with my brother and sis-in-law, left my bf somewhere, haha.

I was so excited to visit this waterfall, come to think of it, I've had lived in Malang for 18 years yet I had never been visited this one of popular waterfalls in East Java! Well, never mind. So during my trip back to Malang on last January '14, I've already had it in mind, I have to go there! That's quiet a determination.

Welcome to Wana Wisata Coban Rondo
Well, sadly the weather and the traffic didn't totally support us. We were trapped by the traffic jam in Malang (Dinoyo area) for about 1,5 hours. The weather was cloudy and soon there came the heavy rain, we had to move slowly in Pujon. Pujon is popular with its winding road and slippery, but actually they provide beautiful scenery, especially for all the citysiders who longing for green, tall trees, sound of cicadas and fresh air.

We got there after 2  hours journey from Malang for estimately 50km length from Malang, located in Desa Pandansari, Pujon, Malang regency. It wasn't difficult to get here since so many signs heading us to this destination. There will be a big gate welcoming you "Welcome to Wana Wisata Coban Rondo". Entry ticket is IDR 12,000.00/person, and car parking fee is IDR 3,000.00. Affordable, but to think that it was free back then, the ticket was quiet pricey, lol.

Cottages few km from the waterfall.
Once entering the gate we still had to move for around 2 km through the forest, the road was good although bit slippery. You'll see few cottages if you decide to stay for a night.

The raindrops fell pretty hard but still the visitors wouldn't give up, though I sensed that they barely stayed for less than an hour during this weather. It became even colder! In fact we were in 1,135 above sea level! It was cold and how come I didn't bring my jacket, only wore a thin t-shirt and midi pants. Gosh.

Other than seeing waterfall, this tourist object is providing semi-rafting attractions, if you interested, you can go to the information booth to rent a big tire for you to sit on and do rafting. Pretty convenient.

Food stalls are everywhere, even if you forget to bring your umbrella, you can rent one from them. Hot roasted cassava, potato steak, and fruits are ready to serve your cold belly.

One of stalls with more complete food served.
After passing the information booth and some stalls, we still had to walk for another 200 m to get exactly to the waterfall, there are monkeys everywhere, how cute! But I just didn't have the guts to take their picture, eventhough they are believed to be tame monkeys and visitors were fond to feed them.

walk for another 200 m
I'm a person who pretty much concerned toward the healthy and clean toilets, but this tourist spot was quiet maintaining this facility, so I give them so kudos for this point.

And, finally, the waterfall! With 84m height, I was so impressed (I will save my money to visit Niagara for the next few years, lol).

So once upon a time, there was a newly-wed couple, Dewi Anjarwati from Kawi Mountain and Raden Baron Kusuma from Anjasmoro Mountain, on their 35th day of marriage (selapan in Javanese term), the wife asked to visit Anjasmoro Mountain, her husband place. But the idea was strictly forbidden by the wife's parent. In tradition, when selapan, married couple mustn't go anywhere. But the couple insisted to go even said they would take every risk. On their way, there come a man, Joko Lelono who fascinated by the beauty of Dewi Anjarwati and wanted to get her as his wife. It maddened Raden Baron Kusuma and challenged him for a fight. To his panakawan (servants in Javanese), Raden Baron Kusuma asked them to take his wife to a hidden place with a coban (waterfall in Javanese). Unfortunately the fight resulted the death for both men. While Dewi Anjarwati patiently waited for her returning husband until she became a rondo (widow in Javanese).

That's why the name called Coban Rondo, waterfall of a widow. There then comes 'Do not enter this with your girl/boyfriend!' lol. Do you believe it? I simply not. How come they'll curse unmarried couple where the actual folktales are talking about a real married one?

Anyway, if you happen to visit Malang, take a break for the crowd of the city by simply get in here and enjoy the fresh air and green trees.

My cute niece and me.
See you!

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  1. It is the first time I heard about the myth of unmarried couple that visit waterfall. It's kind look alike myth of unmarried couple that visit temple at noon.

    The last time I visit Coban Rondo is 2 years ago. That time, I also trapped in heavy rain that falls suddenly. The river was flooding but lucky for me that I already got my feet off from the river when the rain falls.

  2. interesting place :D


  3. Alamak namanya! Xixixixiiii.... Tapi bagus tempatnya :))


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