From Brown With Love

by - Kamis, Maret 20, 2014

Back then, majority young people would say, wearing a Batik pattern cloth will make you look even older, and I was one. But now, since Batik has been officially an identity of Indonesia's art, I would say: 'm so proud of wearing Batik. And you, you must too! And if you visit Indonesia, I recommend you to collect a piece one or two, cause it's just unique, starting on how they draw and print it. It's so original.

Batik pattern always resembles nature; earth, land, that's why old Batik colors was dominantly by brown. But today, it's available with various range of color you can choose.

And I can combine it with my brown coat, it doesn't look old, I still feel young however.

This Batik is from Danar Hadi collection, I love its material, thin and soft yet, it matches my 's' size perfectly!

Ready to go!

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