IBB Make Up Challenge February 2014

by - Rabu, Maret 05, 2014

Once upon a time in the Fairyland, there is a little human girl who unknowingly entered the fairyland. She didn't know why and how she got there, all she realized was.. Totally amazed. But, time after time, she felt so lonely, no one wants to be her friend because she's just a human and people are freaking out with her human size, and human appearance which just .. not normal. So on her 30th day being there, she prayed 'I want to be a fairy' and luckily, the godmother heard her wish and... She became one. Still no-name, and stil many things to learn.

She has a butterfly mark, encircling her violet eyes. They said, they will twirl more one she grows  up, and be more colorful when she becomes wiser.

She wears a hood because she still couldn't fly. They say, she's still too young. Really? Is that acceptable?

She wishes to be a better one an gorgeous fairy someday, in the future. Right now, she's just a noob

Other fairies are just too beautiful, she hopes that they want to be friend with this new little one.


Hello there!
I'm trying to enter the 'Indonesian Beauty Blogger' Make Up Challenge (IBB MUC) February 2014 with theme "Fairy", I know that the story was somehow weird and my look doesn't that good also. But this is my first time to do a little drawing on my face so please bear with my randomness. Despite the oh-so-unbalanced eyebrow and the monochrome color which dominated with purple. Hope you enjoy my look and all the fussiness caused by my pictures.

Things I used:
1) Hada Labo Milk Moisturized
2) Viva Cream Cover
3) Etude House BB Cream
4) Maybelline powder
5) Wardah Hydrogloss - Glazing Plum
6) Urban Decay Primer Potion
7) Just Miss (local) eyeshadow palette
8) Viva eyeliner
9) Heartwarmer's falsies
10) Soft Lens from Fantasi Color - violet.

Perhaps you want to join, but limited to Indonesian blogger, only.

See you!

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  1. I think this is a very creative look and you did a really good job with it, especially for your first time! The makeup and story go perfectly with the theme of the contest - I hope you win! :D


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