IBB Make Up Challenge March 2014

by - Minggu, Maret 23, 2014

Yes, so I'm still here, not giving up to join another Indonesian's Beauty Blogger (IBB) Make Up Challenge. And this month, the winner will get prize sponsored by Menard worth IDR 2,300,000 or around US$229! Definitely can't let this moment pass without me doing something. Lol!

Still, with my ultimate justification plus disclaimer: I'm still learning about doing makeup, moreover, do perfect cover perfectly. And, oh-no, this month's challenge is about creating Natural Glow make up. I've been searching here and there but my brain just couldn't learn as fast as I want to. So please bear with spam of noob piccies! Yay~

Look 1: Natural for Glam

So, I'm thinking to make an effortlessly look for  a night occasion, perhaps when you're invited to a night party but have no time to add more make-up, but just simply enhance your face to a lil bit fresher. 

Look 2: No Make-up Make-up

Since everyone's been doing this, so I copy! Lol. This is my first trial to do no make-up make-up look.

Still, I'm struggling hard to make a perfect coverage. Please forgive my intended-messy hair, I mean it #cough.

Wish me luck! 

ps: if you're an Indonesian Blogger and you haven't made yours, you gotta be hurry, dear!

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