A Wish: Resorts World Sentosa with PergiDulu

by - Sabtu, April 26, 2014

"Sorry, Madam, we couldn't let your daughter enter this country since her passport is showing 
Mr. 'daddy' as her guardian, not you,"

That's what the immigrant officer said to my mom when I was 8. Ironic. Fact is I was shamefully rejected and deported from Singapore on my first time stepping the airport just because I had my passport shared under my dad's name (it was '90s Indonesia's bureaucracy for not letting kids have their own individual passport) and I don't know why he chose for not going with us. Well no one's to blame and I never go to Singapore again since that time.

But, its been years now, time goes by, life changes, looking at those cheap flights, plenty of affordable tour promos, how my friends have moved there, how I actually have family living in Singapore, seriously how come I'm still here?

This time I want to go to Singapore!

It only takes less than 2 hours from Jakarta to Changi, I assume. And even you don't know where to go you can always start with taking an airport-tour #HAHA. But, guess I have an even better idea: how about having a professional, smart, fun, and friendly travel blogger to keep me company? Yes, I'm talking about one and only PergiDulu, a beloved sweet and inspiring couple blogger consists of Adam and Susan. A married couple since 2009 who never fail to blow my imagination wildly every time I read their latest entry, who motivates me to start backpacking and travelling. The one who inspired me about couple-travelling idea and in the end who encouraged me to find a bf who loves travelling. Thanks! So, don't you think to travel with them would be something I can brag of in the future? And works good for my resume? #yay!

Right now, they are inviting one of their loyal readers to join their vacation trip to Resorts World Sentosa Next MayMe..Me... Oh, dear, please me!!!! I beg you, please take me to that 49 hectares-integrated resort located in Resorts World Sentosa. Call me obsessed, but I have 8 points why I desperately hope to be specially invited.

  1. To meet them in person. You know, the feeling of get to know a figure you've been desperately a fan of. Screaming like "AAAAAAAAAA~~~~~~aaaaaaa." I'd do that.
  2. Friending. I know them, they don't ^^. They look so friendly on social media and the way they're replying every comment on their blog. But still I just don't have any confident to interact. Well, maybe this can be a good starting point. *take a deep breath*
  3. No! I'm not that shy or melancholic person, I just don't feel like having any travel experience to be able confidently commenting on their post, so pleaseeee, pleaseee.. Be my spirit booster by pouring me with your sacred wisdom :D
  4. Having my picture with them. Perhaps on the next 1 or 2 years, they will be even more popular, they will have their own TV program, they'd have built their travel business and they don't have time travelling with their readers anymore #giggle, so this is my chance. *It's a good wish after all, I'm sure*
  5. PergiDulu are bloggers with complete skill: they write nicely, take pictures beautifully, explain clearly and detailed, produce many tempting videos (their timelapse!) and surrounded by lots of sponsors (rofl). Why can't I hope to be contaminated #HAHA! Maybe I will bug them with blogging tips & trick or perhaps travelling questions, but actually I'm interested with their lifestyle, watching (or stalking) them closely would be more than enough.
  6. Take my day-off from office for the sake of having a fun trip with PergiDulu is worthy!
  7. Making a great memory: First time to Singapore with the most awesome team? I don't want to miss it! I promise to tweet every hour (cause tweeting every second is a bit.... too much?).
  8. Because PergiDulu offers it for free! Yes, please! I don't need to worry about how much the entrance cost, hotel, food expense, shuttle, how I'm gonna sleep or whatever. I just need to sit, relax and have fun 
    I wish God hears my pray and turns my 8 yo tragic memory by granting me a chance to win. I don't ask much, but seriously I can't resist the temptation of staying for 3D2N (or longer) in Resorts World Sentosa. One word, splendid! I promise to be nicer, love mom & dad evenmore, do the house-chores, blog more, and eat more in the future. Amen.
    In return, just kindly let me do one or maybe ALL of these 8 things, pretty please...?

    1. Enjoy every ride in Universal Singapore Studio!

    Of course you might have known about this award-winning (Travellers' Choice 2013) themepark. I'm so curious to see how they re-create the Hollywood, New York, Sci-fi City, and Ancient Egypt - yes, I will do lots of selfies! And make sure to take a part doing adventure in Jurassic Park Rapids, joining the Shrek 4-D and Madagascar, watching Transformers Battle in 3D and much more!

    2. Let myself overly-reacted at S.E.A Aquarium

    I love fishes! I love watching Jaws, Deep Blue Sea or Nemo over and over just because I'm a big fan of marine life. I'm excited to watch National Geography when they're about issuing seals' life surviving topic or ancient whales. I even never absent watching 'Free Willy' although its been aired for thousand times on our local tv #duh!

    And here, S.E.A Aquarium is claimed to be the biggest aquarium in the world (you wouldn't even want to compare it with the one in 'Snowpiercer' movie, #lol). With more than 800 species of marine animals, including giant manta rays, napoleon wrasse, more than 200 sharks(!), moray eels, and other marine giants ready to amaze you. And also the innovative, interactive and multi-sensorial, Maritime Museum, which I bet would increase my knowledge more about maritime. Oh, how I'm longing for it!

    3. Adventure Cove Waterpark, for real?!

    The website doesn't share many photos about this, but once I search over google. Aw!! I know I have to be here someday and report it on my blog. We can climb the first hydro-magnetic roller coaster in Southeast Asia. Relaxing in BluWater Bay wave pool. Also taking the tires slide and trace along the Adventure River which has 14 stunning themed zones, including lush gardens, mysterious caves and tunnels under the sea full of marine life. Air-snorkel with 20,000 colorful fish or get in the water with dozens of stingrays, it's a must!

    4) A dolphin kiss at Dolphin Interaction Programmes 

    One day, my bf gave me a dolphin doll and since then I started to love dolphins more, outside the fact that I was once addicted to Bondan Prakoso's "Si Lumba-lumba" #lol. Isn't it lovely to be kissed once again by a dolphin? My dolphin's first kiss happened when I was 8. And oh how I hope I can repeat those feelings at Dolphin Interaction Programmes, they even offer more than a kiss! Visitors can do activities such as: Dolphin Discovery, Dolphin Adventure, Dolphin Trek, Dolphin Observer, Dolphin VIP, Trainer For A Day. I'm so gonna love this a lot!

    5) Witnessing Lake of Dreams and Crane Dance Show

    Lake of Dreams is a choreographic performance featuring fire, water and light spectacular works of four-time Emmy Award winner Jeremy Railton. Promising to be amazing and unique, I also don't want to miss the opportunity to watch Crane Dance, a combination of advanced audio-visual technology and stunning light effects bringing a romantic love story of heron family. Don't you want to experience it too?

    6) Take every picture in every corner of a hotel where I will stay in - not to mention, SPA treatment.

    There are 6 luxury hotels (Festive Hotel, Hard Rock Hotel, Hotel Michael, Hotel Equarius, Beach Villas, and Ocean Suites) and ESPA in Resorts World Sentosaand I surely don't mind to save 1 or 2 GB only for having their pictures if I have a chance to stay in one of them. Especially when I've been admiring Singapore architecture; buildings and structures, so... I don't want to miss it.

    7) Restaurants which features celebrity chef dishes

    Though, maybe I won't be able to afford it all by myself, I'd feel satisfy only with taking their pictures *teary eyes + super drooling*

    8) Catch up with other bloggers

    So basically, few bloggers are hosting the same thing: inviting their readers to have a holiday at Resorts World Sentosa, besides PergiDulu, there are also Adis, Venus, Roy, and Ariev. No, I don't have any pictures of them cause I never meet them and I don't feel like stealing/borrowing their pictures from their each blog. This would be a great reason for I want to meet them all and take the pictures myself. Amen.


    But, all in all, I wish that I'd be invited by this happy and solid couple :) This would be my most SUPERB moment :) ever. 

    Please make my wish come true.

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    3 komentar

    1. hey congrats :) you won it
      enjoy your traveling with Kak Adam n Kak Susan

    2. Congratz, Moudy! Have fun in RSW Singapore!
      Looking forward to write your next real-experiences there.
      Now you know, The Lord knows more and better.
      He always has His secret ways to convert a deepest tragedy to a highest triumph.
      Your pretty voice, your melodious song...let it be heard by the world.
      Warm greeting from me to you :)

    3. Wow amazing :D

      This was great thanks for indeed sharing your experiences :D this was great to read :D

      Enjoy the day!
      Store Tip Victoria’s Dresses
      Visit The Fashion Milkshake Blog


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