One Moment in Mujigae Restaurant | Festival City Link, Bandung

by - Senin, April 21, 2014

One of my colleagues celebrated birthday last week, and since she's a big fan of Lee Min Ho along with all those K-Pop cultures, we-all the office crew, decided to had a party at one of Korean restaurants in Bandung; Mujigae - Bibimbap and Other Casual Korean Food Restaurant. What a coincidence, never been here before, lol!

Located in 2nd floor Festival City Link, Bandung, you can easily find it, even you're still in the mall atrium. For information this restaurant also has their outlet in Cihampelas Walk, Mall Kelapa Gading, Summarecon Serpong and also Summarecon Bekasi.

We took our seat in front made me couldn't explore the interior more. However, I did a little bit sneaking without taking pictures, it has a very good ambiance and nicely designed.

In my opinion, they don't really add Korean touch otherwise you will find only slight things about Korean culture on their interior, the rest is just another tech-resto.

There's a panel to collect Twitter updates from visitors
using hashtag #MujigaeResto
On every table, there will be an Ipad for you to place your order, once you done it, you can request one (yes, only one per table) Korean song to be played in the entire room (for you and other visitors to hear) along with the clip played via projector displayed on the other wall.

If you don't feel techie enough or not sure how to operate the Ipad, you can always go with the conventional one: use their menu book. The fun side, just if you're a selfie-holic, you can use the Ipad to do selfie, use the mujigae frame which available there, and post it to your instagram using their hashtag #MujigaeResto. Ah, then you will find your photos are displayed on their big screen inside the resto! It can be fun yet quiet amusing. You also can print it, for free.

My order takes about 15 minutes to arrive. I had a Bulgogi package (Paket 2) at that time, consists of a bowl of rice, bulgogi (kinda beef stew, compared to Japanese, it similar with beef teriyaki), Japchae (sweet potato noodles with sesame), kimchi (Korean cabbage, lol) and fried oden mix (can I just say rollade?). The price is quiet affordable, only IDR 37,273 (I noticed this price has risen from 35k).

The rice tastes somehow so-so, not so special. I even like Japanese rice better. The bulgogi is quiet tasty with average portion for my belly, it satisfied me well. The fried oden mix really fulled me to the max, I can't eat anymore. Japche and kimchi somehow a new thing for me, at first I didn't really think this taste matched my appetite but in the end I could digest it well, though the sesame oil really tasted a bit weird, it's acceptable. Will eat kimchi more in the future!

This is my new favourite drink: Red Sea Velvet, cost IDR 19.091. I thought it will taste salty but the opposite, it tastes fresh, mix of sweetness and salt. Apparently the sweetness comes from whipped cream added with ice. Lovely!

Jar in table, take your spoon here.
Will visit here again for real. 

More information, you can check : (which I found the web resolution is annoying for my lappie T_T - accessed on April 4th)

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  3. After visit this blog, I should to prove what the writer said, so I've planned to visit this place immediately, and tommorow is the right time to go .... ican't wait ..... slurrps.......


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