Hooked! Malang Lunpia Hok Lay

by - Selasa, April 08, 2014

One day, during my daydreaming in the afternoon at my office, when I had nothing to do but think for what would I eat, my mind suddenly told me how I longed for a lunpia, a fried spring rolls filled with minced chicken, bean sprouts, chopped radish, sometimes added with fluffiness of yam, served with leeks and dipped in a soy sauce. I imagined it, I drooled heavily.

Sadly, I couldn't find my satisfaction with lunpia in Bandung, I know some places which selling original lunpia Semarang, it tastes good but with double price and it tortures me realizing I can enjoy more if I go to the original place of lunpia itself. That's why during my trip to Malang last year, I didn't miss my chance to spoil my belly eating lots of Javanese lunpia

I went to Depot Hok Lay Malang, the legendary restaurant of lunpia in Malang.

The Location

Since 1946, if you read the banner. 
It's a fact though, my grandfather had been here since then and across generation my family keeps saying that 'Hok Lay has the best lunpia in Malang'. Located in Jalan K.H. Akhmad Dahlan No. 10, not a very big and busy street, also not really easy to find if you're a newcomer. What surprised me, the local government has made a slight chances regarding the routes, some directions are turned into "one-way" which was quiet annoying, my brother who claimed to clearly remember all the way and directions in Malang suddenly got confused finding the correct and effective routes. Wow, Malang has been well-developed. Proud of that!

Address of Depot Hok Lay Malang
But this place didn't change at all, I even could say, stay the same. Still with its old decoration, old furnitures, the same floors, perhaps they re-painted the wall but still I didn't feel any different. Still as homy as long time ago, I felt like I was on my high-school period and I kinda missed it.

Still with the same old decor
The List

They are still offering their same old menu; lunpia Semarang, Pangsit Cwiemie Bakso, and of course the legend drink Fosco!

The price, of course way twice cheaper than Bandung, only IDR 12,000 (US $1) for 2 lunpia, yummy!

What I Ordered

Of course this is a must order! Even when it was still in front of me, I can clearly imagine the taste, the hot and crispy fried pastry, the sweet of minced chicken, the savory aroma of radish and carrots mixed perfectly with soy sauce, one bite of leek and it's all complete! How can I resist this. One is never enough, but two is too much, but knowing that I wouldn't get much in Bandung, I want more!

Lunpia Hoklay
In Bandung, we call it as mie yamien, it's a noodle literary. But, I can always sense that Bandung and Malang noodles have different characteristics; texture, level of resilience, and savory. Some people perhaps would say "Noodles are noodles, just the same," But to be honest, I crazily in love with Cwimie Malang, somehow it brough back old memories and it felt good every time you take a spoon of cwimie into your mouth, taste it and enjoy it.

This is the legendary drink, don't get fooled with its coke bottle, since it's actually a chocolate mixed with a fresh full cream milk, definitely must-try!

As for closing, I chose a bowl pudding as my dessert. A vanilla-chocolate milk, poured with milk and mixed with shredded ice. It's just fresh and tasty. Moreover since I have eaten lots of radish inside lunpia (lol) eating somewhat sweet things are necessary.

Ah, I miss Malang city already...

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  1. Why FOSCO use coke bottle rather than common drinking glass?

    1. Not really sure tho, but they already have this product over years T_T I guess - perhaps they don't find any better packaging 'at that time' ^^


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