Finding The Length

by - Rabu, April 09, 2014

Still on my journey finding a great formal skirt for a 150-petite girl, I challenged myself to alter my midi skirt (eventually cut it), so it becomes a knee-length skirt which surprisingly it turned out good and I love it.

This stripped black skirt has an asymmetrical-folded cut (that's why I was so tempted to own it, but immediately disappointed when the midi length just didn't work for me), made it a little tricky when adjusting the wanted-length at first, but I said to my tailor to straightly cut the skirt for about 7-8 cm without changing the entire model. What do you think?

I wore this last Sunday to church, the pink coat is new, brandless though, it was my new year's gift from auntie which she ordered from a Hongkong's online shop (dont know what its name). :) Don't think it's a thick winter coat otherwise it's really thin made from cotton. I only wore it to protect me from 18 degree C temperature in the morning, and it's more than enough, you wouldn't bother to wear thicker one in Bandung.

And an LV bag to complete the day. 

Have a nice day :) don't be shy to send me critics/comments and tell me what's your today's outfit :) I want to look at it too! See you, xo.

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  1. i want that coat haha-i love the colour:p Also i think that skirt does give you some length so great job :) x
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