Courage is Contagious

by - Rabu, April 02, 2014

I always adore Tim Gunns' - a Project Runway star and fashion guru - matra in finding best style fits our body. My first time got really fascinated by his skill was watching his performance at Oprah Winfrey's show on TV back then (few years ago, I assume), it says silhouette, proportion, and fit. That was the first time I felt so motivated to explore and learn more about my body shape and proportion. I'm not a fashionholic to begin with and I didn't really care about what I wear.

I used to not paying attention toward what kind of denim I choose, what kind of shirt and skirt that'd enhance my look. I just wear what I want regarding the trends. Oh, yes, I love trends, but I didn't care whether it will fit me, lol. But, time goes by and slowly I realize what makes the real me, what makes me comfortable and what makes me not. What enhances me and what ruins me.

My legs are what concerns me most right now. I checked several websites previously such as Carsons Post and Donny Galela to find some tips and facts that my legs are:
1) Petite (this is a serious fact for my 152 cm height, lol)
2) Shapely legs, thighs and bottoms
That's why I'm suggested to wear mini straight skirt or A-line skirt with max knee-length for skirt option, to bring a good silhouette for my proportion.

I've altered and cut my skirt though, but what fails this look I guess: I should wear heels to enhance my legs. But, can't be helped since I was too tired to wear heels. HAHA! But, I think this is an okay to try my brand-new Polo shirt though. 
See you!

Ps. The title's sentence was taken from Benedict Cumberbatch as Julian Assange in '5ifth Estate' movie I've just watched earlier. Somehow I'm so excited with that quote :)

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2 komentar

  1. You look lovely in a straight/a-line skirt, whenever i wear one I look like a child trying their mum's clothes haha. I really like your shirt as well :) xx
    | Life as a Petite |

    1. Thank you :)
      yes, wearing skirt is a bit tricky, same goes for me too ^^ thanks for coming.


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