Dusun Bambu, Bandung: A Quick Photo Hunting

by - Minggu, April 20, 2014

Happy Passover Day! 
I had holiday since last Friday 18th and totally enjoyed it. What I did? I went to a recently booming family leisure park, Dusun Bambu - Village of Bamboo. Yes, another artificial rice field in Bandung, yet another village-like destination for all those citysiders who gets tired living in a big city. Imagining the next 50 years, people may get bored with city lights, skycrapers, towers and all those high-rise buildings, for exchange they would just go back to nature surrounding, breathe the fresh air, get away from all those pollution, start growing their rice field and relaxing until the harvest time.

LOL. Would it just happen like that?

In fact, everyone is talking about this place lately which in the end I felt like trying it too. And of course I needed to persuade my bf to take me there since gladly the location looked like easy to get (my family is too busy to accompany me and my dear bf is the only one who would listen to my whim.). Other bloggers kept writing how direction signs would be so easily seen many along the way, people no need to worry, made me careless for not looking at the address correctly.

So, I deliberately didn't read much information, kept my faith on "go with the wind" which led me fatally to a mistake: we took the wrong route. Well, it started when Apple GPS also didn't show any good sign for leading us and I didn't turn on my GPS track and so I was too lazy to use my google map. We ended up not relying on GPS and I think it's fun for being wrong... once a while, haha

Bf: Where is it?
Me: Kolonel Masturi
Bf: We're here. 
Me: Kolonel Masturi Km 11, guess we just have to go straight still.
few minutes later.
Bf: We reach Cisarua
Me: I think so.
Bf: I mean it. This'd faster if we took from Cimahi earlier.
Me: Um... You think?
Bf: Obviously! Why the heck we took via Lembang?!
It means we took the distance 1.5 longer than it supposed to be. Sorry hun.

Enjoyed sightseeing, even we took the wrong route
I learned to be optimist and positive lately, even if we took a different route, I tried to keep the atmosphere fun and balance, kept myself busy enjoying the nature scenery while my bf enjoyed the breeze so much. Until we finally noticed lots of direction signs leading us to get closer to Dusun Bambu, and when it was only about 500 m left! Oh, how I'm longing to visit this place together with my entire family someday, just if we could have another free-time together I'd love to bring them here. Unluckily my dad is just too lazy dealing with traffic in Bandung lately: seriously uncontrollable.

Got the ticket
Entrance fee cost IDR 10,000/person and motorcycle parking fee IDR 5,000, this gonna be a perfect date, I thought. I felt grateful with the perfect weather, although the forecast showed us it was gonna rain and I sensed small raindrops during our way, it was blue sky after all once we reached the location.

Nice weather at Dusun Bambu
Village of Bamboo literally, means you will see various kinds of Bamboo plantations, not that many though, for examples; Bambu Hijau (Bambusa vulgaris vulgaris), Bambu Bali (Schizostachyum brachycaladum yellow), Bambu Tutul (Bambusa Macculata Widjaja), Bambu Betung (Dendrocalamus asper), Bambu Gombong (Gigantochloa Pseudoarundinacea), Bambu Hitam (Bambusa Lako) and many more. Mostly bamboos are from Indonesia, dominated from Java Island. Interesting! You can educate your little children about plantations on their early ages although I'm not sure I can clearly distinguish all each of them. 

But this bamboo tower is quiet something! So tall and smart-looking :) love how the structure is made.

Once we passed the tower, we can ride a public car for free to go directly to their gallery and restaurant. But I chose to walk the path on foot.

Public car. Colorful. Dare?
Actually enjoying rice field scenery isn't something new or special as for me since, lol, I'm 100% Indonesian and we are surrounded by rice field everywhere. But, this sounds fun after all. My bf kept saying me "ndeso", like I never seen rice field before. Buhahaha

Walk on this bamboo stairs
Kampung Layung - rice field in Dusun Bambu
So, they have this special unique restaurant/gallery called Lutung Kasarung, naming after a monkey, a hanging eating-space. You will stay in nest-like, surrounded by glasses with dangling roots everywhere while enjoying your meals. 

That's unique. And how unbelievable I feel so comfortable being inside, without being worry if this nest would fall. 

In fact, Dusun Bambu offers you full-range outdoor activities; biking, camping, playground, farmer stuffs, and so on, you can check on their website. Maybe you want to stay for a night, 1 or 2, they also have a room with Sundanese culture touch. Built as a lake-house named Saung Purbasari, it looks homy you will feel the nature of Indonesia easily.

Saung Purbasari at Dusun Bambu
Kids have their zone near Pasar Khatulistiwa, a market where you can buy traditional snacks. A wooden playground which turns out to be another good point to take selfie and for young couple showing off their romance (seriously!), haha!

Sadly, I have to end my journey too soon since my beloved got sick suddenly ^^ he wasn't feeling good since the beginning though, it was just me who forced him to take me here I felt so guilty. But still I plan to re-visit here again to explore more sides of Dusun Bambu.

So, we finally took the CORRECT route when going home, directly via Cisarua-Cimahi. It's about 22 km and took about 45 minutes till we got home, by motorcycle including traffic jam.

This is not a sponsored post, but you can always check Dusun Bambu website for more information.

See you!

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8 komentar

  1. Waow... what a lovely place. Altough when you mention dusun bamboo for the first time, what I imagine is a small village entirely covered with green bamboo plant, just like in Chinese, hahaha. But the concept is nice tough. Visitor could know vast array of things that made mostly by bamboo. Are they also had some sort of gallery to display their product that visitor allowed to purchase? It would be nice to have some of them, hahaha.

    Oh yeah, Jl. Letkol Masturi is also a road that goes into Curug Cimahi right? The most preferable option for me is going directly to city of Cimahi first rather than to Cisarua. Because I've been visited Curug Cimahi many times.

    1. Yes, they really have a good concept, the exterior and access are very well-made and detailed. Unluckily I didn't explore this place that much, I didn't really know if they other artistic things other than food XD (they frequently have an Angklung performance by Saung Udjo).

      Yes, you will have to pass Curug Cimahi first before finding this location. However I didn't notice it since we took the opposite route, haha ^^

  2. Fotonya bagus-bagus, noniq :) enak diliat. Gede2 lagi jadi nyaman liatnya wohooooooo hehehe

    1. Makasih mak :) memang saya niatnya bikin blog yang nyedot bandwidth buat nampilin poto #eh

  3. Waaah banyak tempat keren di Bandung dan sekitarnya :))

  4. Well, I should say amazing for above beautiful landscape. This could be not the first time for me to hear about this unique village but true for its real photo. I've never seen the place before. Guess what ? I live in Indonesia but not really knowing enough about my country itself. :)

  5. Suka banget ama foto-fotonya, jadi pengen maen ke Dusun Bambu.


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